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About Us

Cherwell Limited is a Project Management consultancy specializing in construction. The firm was initiated with the aim to offer Project Management Consultancy services to developers of various contraction projects.

We undertake the following tasks:

  • Project Evaluation

We review and evaluate clients’ development proposals, making recommendations for improvement and test financial assumptions to provide an accurate rate of return.

  • Project Proposal

We prepare project proposals giving the Client various viable development options that he / she can undertake in a given geographical area.

Based on further analysis and investigations the best option is selected for feasibility study.

  • Feasibility Study

We review the client’s land and recommend the most appropriate type of development. We calculate the cost of construction and recommend the likely selling price or rental income. Then we propose the optimum method of financing and produce the anticipated profit or income, both in cash terms and rate of return.

In coming to its recommendations, Cherwell will consult with planners in order to determine what may be built, architects and quantity surveyors to specify and cost the construction and with estate agents to determine what price may be achieved in the market.

The Feasibility Study document will be in a form to take to a lending institution for consideration.

  • Project Management

Cherwell offers to carry out the Project Management. Quite simply, this involves ensuring that the project is executed on time and within budget. To do so, we co-ordinate the activities of all the consultants, including sales, and the lending institution, ensuring the optimum use of resources, both cash and time, to ensure the maximum returns for the client.

  • Financial Management

Cherwell prepares all necessary financial documents for a given project among them budgets, cashflows and profit and loss accounts.

We liaise with all the parties in the development to ensure the required resources are available at the right time ensuring the project is completed within the required budget, scope and time

  • Sales Management

Cherwell offers Sales Management.  We will have a sales representative on site to explain the features of the property to prospective buyers.  We adopt systems to ensure we gain maximum benefit from customer interaction including structured customer feedback.

We will manage the process from negotiating the sale, through to Offer Letter and then Sale Agreement.

  • Property Management

Once the development has been completed, Cherwell offers Property Management. This involves collecting service charge and utility charges from buyers and remitting to the utility providers.  It involves managing all aspects of the estate, including security, general maintenance and maintenance of specific equipment, e.g. effluent plants.